We buy wonderfulbusinesses with blockchain technology.

For over adecade, we've been partnering with founders to give them quick, straightforward exits thatprotect their team and culture and keep their businesses operating for the longterm with smart contact on binance smart chain.

Selling your business is a miserable task…

After months of negotiation you're usually left with a bunch oflegal fees and no deal.

If you're really lucky and your deal closes,your bank balance gets a whole lot bigger... then you get to watch the new owners wreckthe business you spent your life building.
After going through it way too many times ourselves, we started Gratom to become the buyer we wish we could have sold to.

That means fair, fast,and founder friendly deals.
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Over the last 15 months, we've built
a family of 30+ partners

Why sell to Gratom?

Venture Capital

  • Huge valuation
  • 3–6 month process
  • Founders committed to 5+ years
  • Terms could make your equity worthless
  • Pressure to provide 10–100X returns
  • No cash to founders, just money to grow

Private Equity

  • Full or partial cash out
  • 3–6 month process
  • Founders locked in with earnout structure
  • Terms could make your equity worthless
  • Intervene and change your culture
  • Typically flip your company in 3–5 years


  • Full or partial cash out
  • 30-day process
  • Founders can stay or go, we're flexible
  • Simple structure with cash upfront
  • Operate as-is with no culture change
  • Holds companies for the longterm
Our process is fast,
friendly, and simple
Respond in
48 hours
Make an offer in
7 days
Close the deal in
1 month
We like to buy businesses that have:
High margins
Healthy and sustainable
A unique advantage
Like a brand, community or niche
A simple business model
You can explain it to your parents
Healthy Profit
From $500K to $30MM
Successful operations
Of three years or longer
A high-quality team
A great team with a positive culture
A positive and ethical approach
No sketchy stuff
The businesses we buy usually look like this:
Growing and profitable
You've scaled your business with real customers and revenue. It'sprofitable ($500k-$30MM), but you're thinking about your next chapter: either handing thereins to someone else, or partnering for the next phase.
Venture that can't 10x
You've raised some money and built a good business with serious revenueand maybe some profit, but you can't achieve venture scale. Your investors need a softlanding, and you want to sell to someone who appreciates your efforts.
Cap table cleanup
You've got early employees, investors, or a co-founder who wants toleave or cash out. You want to swap them for a friendly new face who can add value and help yougrow the business.
If you're not sure your business fits the bill, send it to usanyway. We'll let you know within a couple of days.
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An overnight success,
1-years in the making.

We didn't set out to become investors.

We started ourbusiness in 2020, and before we knew it, we had hundreds of employees across a bunch of companies.Along the way, a variety of private equity and venture investors approached us, but it wasalways a miserable experience.
We asked ourselves why other buyers dragged out deals for months and renegotiatedover and over again. It was horrible.

Then we read about how Warren Buffett doesbillion-dollar deals quickly by keeping the process painless and promising founders to take good care oftheir businesses.

Nobody had done this for technology companies like ours, so we said"screw it" and decided to do it ourselves using Buffett's simpleapproach.
In 2020, we stopped starting companies and started buying them using a simpleone-month process, then leaving the companies alone to do their thing.
It turned out wewere right, founders loved it.

We haven't looked back since...


Companies founded


Majority owned companies


Minority investments


Global employees


Head office team

$100 Million+

Enterprise value

We started Gratom to become the buyer we wish we could have sold to.

We thought about all the stuff we hated about dealing with private equity firmsand worked backwards. It turns out, they really do make it too complicated and there are tons offounders like us, who wanted a long-term home for their businesses.

Gratom Coin

Gratom Coin is native currency on Gratom ecosystem. Gratom Coin is use to buy business or provide returns to Coin holders.

Name - Gratom Coin

Symbol - GTM

Decimals - 18

Total Supply - 18,000,000

Copy Address

Join Presale and Airdrop

Listing Price: 1 GTM = 8 USD

Presale End

Liquidity will add on the Pancakeswap exchanges at June 21, 2022

Invite People to get 50% BNB and 50% GTM on Every Airdrop and Presale.
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Min 0.01 BNB = 30 GTM
Max 5 BNB = 15000 GTM


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